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So I finally started working on my official portfolio website, what I shouldve done a long time ago. It is pretty much finished, but some bugs have appeared for some users using Chrome browser, should work well for any other browser. Also I need to add more concept art pieces to the gallery and paint myself a new self portrait as a profile picture. Have a nice visit, and if you have any recommendations or ideas, please let me know!

My portfolio website

-Kj Kallio
Want a personal illustration, a portrait of a friend, maybe a concept for a game project? Contact me at and lets discuss it! Thank you!

-KJ Kallio
Finally got around to making a Tumblr page, took me long enough... It is still very much a work in progress, kinda stiff to get used to it.
Youre all welcome, and follow if you so wish!
Prints of the Bunny knight piece are now available for those who want to purchase! Thank you!
I am currently employed for a big studio as a freelancer, this is all I am going to let you in on just now, stay tuned!

I am currently available for freelance work and/or commissions again. If you are interested, contact me at:, and we will discuss it further. Thanks!

Kicked off a horrible season of depression and art block, now im back!
Me and few friends started an art collective blog, make sure to follow ;P…
Help me fund my london trip this february by commissioning me! i can do pretty much anything for a modest price. If interested send me an email or a note!

Thank you!
I finally reach a huge milestone with my dA accoung, 10 000 pageviews! Thank you everyone for your support :)
I finally decided to leave the Finnish army only to get more time to paint! So I am once again available for all commissions, you can send any requests here in deviantart or by email:

Thank you :)
My friend wants more attention so ill do this journal entry just for him ;) go check his stuff at:
Now that ive got a brand new wacom, i can start doing commissions! Everyone interested please contact me via Email! Both traditional work and digital work is possible, tho id rather not send traditional work abroad... Thank you!
Obviously someone poured beer on my wacom tablet, which is now totally busted... I dont have enough money to buy a new one for a while so I guess its back to the ol' pen&paper...
Hey everyone, I just finished up my new website/blog/portfolio. It has a lot to work with tho, like arranging the images in the pf, and the theme isnt quite yet there. Please pay a visit :)
Attention everyone, were doing regular Thunderdomes over IRC, and we would like more people to join in! Thunderdomes are a great way to improve yourself by pushing yourself as far as possible, and by taking you out of your comfort zones! In thunderdomes, we all decide a topic, and set a timelimit (usually 60-90 minutes) in which everyone tries to produce a best result as possible! Its not about competition, and there are no winners. Everyone are welcome regardless of their skill level.

Our TD blog:…


Im currently looking for work of any sort, commissions, illustrations, etc. I can handle almost any media, though im most talented in the area of digital painting, pencils and inkwork. I need more experience, and i love challenges. I want to improve myself as an artist, and i think this is the best way to do so. Contact me with your questions and offers at

Thank you!